Project 106

Welcome to Project 106! If you are here and you don't know why, I can't help you. However, I can at least point you to something you might find interesting.

The whole point of this site is to document a series of projects I've undertaken. I don't yet have 106 projects. In fact I'm not sure I'll ever reach that. It's just that the urls for project1 - project105 were already taken :) So here we are.

The projects will range from frivolous and entertaining to only me, to impossible and possibly life altering for everyone. (hey, I can dream can't I?)

That is to say, at the upper end they are such fantastical projects that they might be provably undoable, or are just things I am seriously underqualified to work on... but that's part of the fun! And of course in the other extreme some projects are just busy work. They may be mundane but I figure the results warrent sharing once the project is done.

There is a companion youtube channel that I created that goes with this. and I have a blog as well (not a listed project as it long predates this) at